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Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip Real Estate and Homes for Sale

To describe the Sunset Strip as merely interesting is a bit of an understatement. This portion of Sunset Boulevard stretching from Crescent Heights to just after Doheny Drive in vibrant West Hollywood has been an integral element of Los Angeles’ defining iconography for decades.

Known for its nightlife and entertainment venues, restaurants, and, increasingly, for luxurious accommodations like Andaz West Hollywood and The London West Hollywood, the strip extends for almost a mile and a half west of downtown L.A. The Strip is undeniably famous for its rock clubs and locals and visitors who are in the mood for live music from both established and emerging musicians often head to The Roxy or The Viper Room.

You’ll also find the Sunset Plaza here, a shopping and dining haven that offers outdoor cafés and restaurants, boutiques, and salons and spas. What’s so great about Sunset Plaza is its charming laidback neighborhood feel. Here you can have a nice day out while enjoying sunny L.A.’s famously mild weather.

The Strip is also a favorite destination among L.A.’s rich and famous due to its close proximity to some of the region’s most affluent and exclusive neighborhoods. Sunset Boulevard is tucked up against hillsides where many of the metro area’s most luxurious residences are perched. Neighborhoods like the Hollywood Hills and the Bird Streets area are home to numerous high-profile individuals who choose to live here for the awesome views of the L.A. skyline and the Pacific Ocean as well as the central location. The housing market here features an eclectic selection of one-of-a-kind properties.

Behind the bright neon lights and glitzy establishments that now line its length, Sunset Strip possesses a fascinating history. This was where the spirit of rock and roll was kindled during the 60’s and where artists and musicians took refuge in the 70’s. The Strip has seen everything from the birth of great musical acts to passionate counterculture protests.