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Selling a Home in Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate

A luxury home in Beverly Hills demands a different kind of marketing. Not only is the property unique, it’s also worth noting that buyers of exceptional, multimillion-dollar homes make up just a small percentage of the population.This entails the crafting of a marketing strategy that takes all of this into consideration.

Work with an agent who knows the market.

You will want your listing agent to be highly knowledgeable about the Beverly Hills market and submarkets, the city’s different neighborhoods, and the various trends in each. Look for someone who has a good track record and has successfully sold homes in your area that are comparable to yours.

Communicate your goals clearly.

Let your agent know what end-result you’re looking for, whether or not you have a timeline, if you have privacy considerations, and so on. These are important details that they need to know early on so that they can create an appropriate marketing strategy and so they will know whether or not they have to expedite certain processes. You won’t want to waste yours, your agent’s, or any potential buyer’s time.

Get the property ready for sale.

Whether or not your home already looks like a showpiece, bear in mind that so will other properties in the area. When it comes to luxury homes,the devil’s in the details. Make sure that your home is in the best shape inside and out, get all repairs done, and consider upgrading or remodeling certain rooms and/or features. If the house is empty, get it staged and even if it’s not, it’s a good idea to call in the services of a designer who’ll be able to look at your spaces with a fresh eye and make the necessary changes and recommendations. Remember that you’re going to be competing against a plethora of spectacular properties out there.

It’s about branding.

Just like any premier luxury item, marketing a luxury home is all about telling its own particular story. It’s about creating an indelible first impression and ensuring that it’s conveying the qualities that you want it to convey, whether it’s casual elegance or old Hollywood glamour. In addition, it’s about selling not just the property, but the lifestyle as well. Building this brand will involve getting professional help from photographers and videographers who will know how to highlight the property’s best features and set the stage for the story.

Marketing should be comprehensive yet highly targeted.

Today’s homebuyer accesses real estate information through various channels, primarily online. This entails the creation of a marketing plan that involves building a strong internet presence for your property. Yet at the same time the plan needs to be targeted towards specific buyers as well, which is why you’ll want to work with an agent who has an extensive network and can get the word out about your property through various means.

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