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First-time Homebuyer Guide – Owning a Home in Bel Air or Beverly Hills

Congratulations! Deciding to become a homeowner is already a big step in itself and no doubt you’ve already given this a lot of thought. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Buying a home need not be a complicated process and here are some things you can do to make it all easier.
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The Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts

I’m so excited that Beverly Hills finally has a performing arts center.. It was long overdue.. The Beverly Hills Community is growing and getting more culture. We will no longer be only known for Rodeo Drive and Our Amazing Estates but we will now have our own Arts Cultural Center… http://thewallis.org/

High-End Houses Lure Flippers From New York to California

Home flipping, in which a buyer
quickly resells a property for a profit, is becoming more
popular for high-end houses in the U.S. as deals for cheaper
residences slow.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-17/high-end-houses-lure-home-flippers-from-new-york-to-california.html