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Like many of L.A.’s foremost neighborhoods, this upscale Westside community is well-known for its famous residents, which include Marilyn Monroe, Harrison Ford, and Joan Crawford, among many others. A plethora of other high-profile personalities and political figures as well as executives in the entertainment industry also reside here due to its close proximity to the major studios in Hollywood.

Brentwood is found north of Santa Monica and borders Pacific Palisades and the Topanga State Park to the west. It is also bordered by the San Diego 405 Freeway and Bel-Air to the east.

Among the many features that make Brentwood so sought-after are its temperate climate and proximity to the ocean, with quite a few of the homes here enjoying beautiful views of the canyon and Santa Monica Bay. Brentwood is home to almost 33,000 residents and has two public and seven private schools, which number among the best schools in all of Los Angeles.

Real Estate in Brentwood CA

Real estate in the northern side of Brentwood is mostly made up of single-family homes, with prices that are some of the highest in the country. In fact, Brentwood has been included in Worthly.com’s list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The high property values are due to its exclusivity and amenities as well as the higher standard of living enjoyed by the residents here. The southern side of Brentwood is composed of a more eclectic blend of apartments and single-family homes.

Community Highlights

One of the community events here that you must definitely check out is the Brentwood Village Farmers Market held every Sunday at Gretna Green Way. This is where you can find a variety of goods from organic produce to delightful treats and snacks. Brentwood is also where you’ll find the Getty Center and the Brentwood Country Club.